Kolleksjon: Blummenfelt x trimtex

It takes endless hours of training, dedication and never giving up. This level triathlon is not for everyone. It takes years of focus, keeping the eye on the price and to follow a carefully laid plan.

Triathlon is about perseverance, about going the distance. Triathlon is about the day-to-day hard work, swimming, cycling, running – eating and sleeping. Winning is about digging deeper than what is possible, it is about setting a new benchmark. ‌

Kristian Blummenfelt has in 2021 set a new standard for what is possible, and he is not done yet – there are still records to break and races to win for this train of a triathlete.

The KB x Trimtex collection is a collection for both men and women and consists of Kristian Blummenfelt’s training essentials. Kristian has been a Trimtex athlete for many years. He has been involved with the testing and development of products that are relevant for triathlon. ‌‌

Now he has used his experience with these products to create his own unique collection. He has chosen his favourite Trimtex products for running, cycling, and triathlon. Keeping the design classic and timeless.

Triathlon suits

Aero 3.0 Speedsuit / Drive Tri Speedsuit / Torq Skinsuit

"I'm not sure if I love to win, more than I hate to lose"

Kristian Blummenfelt

Vitric Shirt & Bib Shorts

Kristian Blummenfelt is living proof that dreams do come true and that hard and dedicated work pays off. In 2010, as a young swimmer turning to triathlon, he set the goal of winning Olympic gold in triathlon. We all know how that went. In 2022 he impressed the whole triathlon world by winning the gold in Tokyo in a convincing way. 

In the heat and humidity, he put together the race of a lifetime and got to experience the moment he had envisioned for so many years. The same year he also won The World Triathlon Champion Series and broke the record for the Ironman distance. We can’t wait to see what he can do in the years to come.

Fast Shirt & Shorts

The result is a no-fuss triathlon collection, just solid clothes with a solid design. Black and white – with small gold details, a tribute to his Olympic gold medal and his World Champion title, which serves as a reminder that hard work pays off in the end. If you are willing to put in that extra work  dig that much deeper. It hurts, but according to Kristian Blummenfelt - it hurts more to lose.

Casual wear & accessories

The collection also include comfortable and sporty casual wear to wear on your way to the gym, on lazy days at home or to style it with a pair for jeans. Kristian has picked his favourites for a sporty and stylish look.